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by Marc Bilgrey Do you worry about the economy, politics, crime, pollution? Do you sometimes feel like getting away from it all and having some laughs? Me too. That’s why I wrote my humorous fantasy novel, And Don’t Forget To … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday by Jean Marie Ward

Jean Marie Ward, our guest blogger this week, is kind enough to share the following free goodies: Ward Theater (flash fiction slide shows) “Duzell’s Due” <; “Green Eyes” <; Short Fiction “About the Flies” – The Devil’s in your freezer … Continue reading

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Paranormally Speaking

Paranormally Speaking By Tina R. McSwain What are the different types of hauntings?  Last week,  we talked about what a ghost is (or isn’t).  This week, we will begin to delve into the different types of hauntings.  Some paranormal enthusiasts … Continue reading

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Postcards from Liminal Space

by Gail Z. Martin Postcards from Liminal Space—I am trying to open up some new ideas, not just for my writing, but for my vision of the future.  So in this first month of a new year, I am trying … Continue reading

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Shape shifters and why we find them so riveting

By Crymsyn Hart Admit it. Shape shifters come in all shapes and sizes. From the enormous, hulking dragon, to feisty werewolves, perfectly proportioned cats, be they large or small, down to those sex snake shifters who love to slither along … Continue reading

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Little Green Notes – Part Two

Posted to the wall of my office are seven green post-it notes.  I put them there in 2007 while working on the revised draft of Staked (then called Welcome to the Void).  In my last post, I think I wrote … Continue reading

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Stealth Guest or How to Succeed at Cons with a Cunning Plan

By Jean Marie Ward (This blog was originally published in the Samhain Publishing Blog, but the subject is always appropriate for writers looking to market their work and connect to fans—and for fans who want to learn a little about … Continue reading

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