Does anyone else smell burnt toast?

by Crymsyn Hart

It’s now February and today is Ground Hog’s day. I wonder if we’ll have another six weeks of winter or if spring will be coming shortly. For many people they want all the snow to end. They dream of warmer days with the sun melting the snow, tiny rivers of runoff curving down the street and robins pecking between the blades of grass hoping to come away with a worm. People are praying for a new beginning. I’m eager for one.

At the start of 2011, I set a goal for myself to write one new book a month and whatever time I had left over, I would edit or just work on other things that came up. Now that January has past, I can put one big check mark next to it. Two works done for the month and a couple of edits. Now that we’re in a new month, the counter has rewound and I’m hoping to do the same. Although, the biggest news I’ve had in my life, is that my day job got eliminated so I can focus on the words for a while. While I’ve been trying to focus with all the life changing events, I’ve hit the dreaded wall. The one all writers fear. Writer’s Block. And my brain now smells like burnt toast.

I’ve gotten tons of suggestions to overcome the beast, but so far none of them have worked. But I’m sure that stress has kept me from writing. Characters are screaming in my head for face time, but all I smell is toast from the writer’s block. Cleaning the house and cooking is only a distraction. It’s time to face my worst enemy. Myself. Hopefully the smoke will clear soon and I’ll have some hot, paranormal lovin’ for all to read.

I’ll get over it eventually. I’m not sure my love for toast will reappear though.

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