Here’s to reinvention!

by Gail Z. Martin

Postcards from Liminal Space—As I’m beginning to work on the new series (as yet unnamed, but don’t worry, readers here will be among the first to know), I realize that my characters are also traveling through the “between” places.  They’re grappling with questions like—who are you when everything has been stripped away?  If you lost everything, what would you try to rebuild, and what could you let go of?  When all the old markers of power and position no longer exist, can you still define yourself?  We’ve certainly seen a lot of people struggling with those kinds of questions in the real world, and coming to a variety of answers.  I’m fascinated with the process of reinvention, reawakening, re-imagining.  So as January ends and I step out of liminal space, I’m excited about the insights and possibilities, and enthusiastic about diving into the new series.  Here’s to reinvention!

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