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Which witch is which?

by Gail Z. Martin While we’re on the subject of supernatural makeovers, I love what has happened with the witch/wiccan/clairvoyant theme.  If you’ve been following my posts on Shelfari, you’ll see that I’ve been reading quite a few series where … Continue reading

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The Beginning and the Ending

by Crymsyn Hart  Some writers find it hard to start a book. The first sentence or the first paragraph can even the worst thing to write. The author has so many wonderful ideas that you have to find just the … Continue reading

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Never Let Them See You Die

By J. F. Lewis Before getting too far into today’s blog, I wanted to mention that I have a free Void City short featuring Greta and Eric at the beach up today over at Pocket After Dark. Check it out … Continue reading

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It Is Not What It Is

by Michael A. Arnzen – I can’t quite put my finger on when I first noticed the rise of the popular expression, “It is what it is,” but I suspect it began circulating in American culture almost a decade … Continue reading

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Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain Spirit Rescue What is a spirit rescue?  Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.  Helping the spirit to move on to its next plane of existence.  Finding the lost souls and releasing the trapped ones. … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday: Charles Gannon

Our guest blogger this week, Charles Gannon was kind enough to share the following poem with us: The Charge of the Flight Brigade – removed from Charles’ forthcoming Baen novel. The Charge of the Flight Brigade final to download.

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Whither the Werewolf?

by Gail Z. Martin Werewolves are the new hot, hairy heartthrobs.  Whether it’s Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series or the uber-handsome werewolves in MaryJanice Davidson’s Queen Betsy books, or Quentin in Dark Shadows, or even the tragic Remus Lupin in … Continue reading

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