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Freebie Friday – Janny Wurts

Guest blogger, Janny Wurts, shares an excerpt of her latest book: Readings from her books can be found here: For folks unfamiliar with her work, To Ride Hell’s Chasm is a standalone fantasy with a plot that wraps … Continue reading

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Why book fans need media and gaming fans (and vice versa)

by Gail Z. Martin I run into some groups of fans who have a “separate but equal” view when it comes to conventions. Some book fans get twitchy around fans whose primary experience with the genre comes via gaming, movies … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

by Crymsyn Hart How do you find the name of your character? Do you scour name them after your best friends or other people that you know? Do you use some random name that pops into your head? Or do … Continue reading

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Airwaves Are For Demons

By J. F. Lewis I’m not sure where I read it, but I remember reading an article featuring Roger Zelazny once where he recounted how a scene from the Amber series, the one where Coprwin makes a bird out of … Continue reading

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by Janny Wurts In celebration of the delightful thrill of seeing my Cycle of Fire trilogy released in audio format, the moment seems ripe to share some of the helpful particulars of my experience – which, with a bow to … Continue reading

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Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain Metaphysical Entity This category includes beings that are neither human nor demon but something in between. While our modern world may scoff at tales of leprechauns, imps, sprites and fairies, centuries of stories and alleged encounters … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday – Michele Lang

Guest blogger, Michele Lang  shares a free story titled “The Walled Garden” — it’s a re-release of a story she wrote for the Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance:

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