Run For Your Lives! It’s A Bunny!


J. F. Lewis

(if you get the Kevin Smith pun, you get bonus points)

Which is more frightening, something cute that turns into something scary… or something scary that turns into something cute? Imagine that the mange-ridden dog you see whimpering for help, is monster in disguise, waiting for you to take it home. Or that the doll on the shelf is waiting for you to go to sleep so it can steal your life, strangle you, or set the house ablaze.

In urban fantasy (or should that be Urban Fantasy) that’s the game a writer plays. Introducing the supernatural with dashes of the day to day so that it makes sense or is more approachable (or because we’re sick puppies and it makes a good story in our whacked out brains). When a reader recognizes emotions and problems from the everyday… whether it’s a vampire getting a speeding ticket (and paying it), a werewolf trying to check out a book at the local library, or the Fae who can’t get a wireless signal to save his life… those problems lend oddball situations a ring of truth.

Even a… oh, I don’t know… a classic 1964 1/2 convertible Mustang that eating people and deposits their bones in the trunk can seem par for the course if the set up is done well. And, getting back to the original point, it’s when that familiarity is truly in place and the reader feels that everything is right and as it should be, that the writer and “remind” the reader that we’re dealing with monsters here and let loose with scary.

So don’t worry that doll isn’t out to get you. Not now. Not while you’re awake anyway… not… with the lights… on.


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