The War Between I and He/She

by Crymsyn Hart

One of the first questions I ask myself when I start to write is, am I going to write in the first person or the third person? I feel out the character and try to get into their head. I ask myself questions. Does this person feel like they want to talk straight from their point a view or does the character want some perspective and need to step back a little bit? Do I want to get real deep into the mind set and actually feel the pain of what the character is through? Or is it better to stand back a little and let the character talk instead of trying to become the character? I guess it depends on how close you want to get.

Mostly I like to get snugly with my vampire characters. For some reason I relate more to the undead characters than the other shifters and protagonists that I write. Go figure. The other half of the characters I write are third person. I tend to ride along with them and see where they take me instead of getting into the down and dirty with them. From the third person, I get into their scuffles the same way they do. Their surprises are mine. First person, I’m the one making the decisions. Wait did I say I… I mean the I that my character is. LOL.

But that is a valid question for any author when they go write their story. Do you write in third person or first. For some I’m sure it’s a personal preference. From other authors I’ve talked to, I’ve heard there is an art to writing in the first person. Now many like having to use I all the time when writing. But all writing is an art no matter what point of view the author takes.

What do you prefer to read? Third or first person? Do you find it easier to get into the head of a character that is written from the first person?

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1 Response to The War Between I and He/She

  1. Stew Shearer says:

    I find that I write more comfortably in the first person, but I prefer the third.

    First person perspectives to me feel a bit too limiting. I know it’s possible to write a story well in the 1st from multiple view points, but it feels kind of forced to me and more natural to have a narrator dictating the workings of multiple characters.

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